What is LOC?

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC)’s primary responsibilities are on-site arrangements and logistics before, during, and after the conference. Most of the tasks are carried out in close cooperation with the ISC and/or NAC. Specifically, the LOC will

        • • set conference dates and fees
        • • verify that conference rooms, including technical support and equipment, are available
        • • arrange potential lodgings (if possible at reduced group rates)
        • • distribute announcements (with ISC), take care of publicity, prints the program booklet, design and print the conference poster, host the conference website
        • • arrange social events (refreshments during breaks, reception, conference dinner) and field trips
        • • obtain local financial support and merchant/vendor sponsorships, including goodies for the ‘welcome bag’
        • • organize registration and other administrative details, including guidance and signs at the conference venue
        • • provide city maps and tourist information
        • • explain how to reach the conference venue from the airport and train station (link)
        • • take care of the general ‘running around’ and problem-solving at the time of the conference
        • • hire photographers
        • • do the post-conference clean-up, including the return of equipment, payment of outstanding bills, etc.

It is a good idea to keep in contact with the LOC to have a clear idea of who is in charge of which task.

Member List of LOC


Akimasa FUJIWARA (Hiroshima University)

General Secretary

Junyi ZHANG (Hiroshima University)

Finance and program manager

 Makoto TSUKAI(Hiroshima University)

Logistics and venue manager

Masaaki FUSE (Hiroshima University)

Communication manager

Makoto CHIKARAISHI (Hiroshima University)

Transport manager

Yusuke KANDA (National Institute of Technology, Kure College)

Event manager

Tadashi ITOH (Hiroshima Institute of Technology)

Supporting members

Canh DO (Hiroshima University)