Dear all participants of the 14th EASTS conference,
(Japanese follows English)

Thank you very much for many registrations to the 14th EASTS International Conference in Hiroshima. So far, we have received more than 500 registrations.

The EASTS conference will be held from September 12 as scheduled. However, due to the extension of the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration in Japan, it will be changed to the style of “COMPLETELY ONLINE” rather than a hybrid between in-person and online.

With this change, the events such as Welcome Reception on the first day (Sep. 12), Farewell Party on the third day (Sep. 14), and Technical Tours on the last day (Sep. 15) will be canceled.

On the other hand, the following events will be held online as scheduled.

    • September 12: Opening Ceremony, Plenary Session (Invited Speeches), Technical Sessions
    • September 13: Plenary Session, Technical Sessions
    • September 14: Plenary Sessions, Technical Sessions, Closing Ceremony

The Conference Committee of EASTS Hiroshima will make our best effort to provide an opportunity for academic and practical exchanges.

Thank you for your kind understanding and always support.

Akimasa Fujiwara, Chairman of the Conference Committee


第14回アジア交通学会国際会議(EASTS Hiroshima)にあたり、多くの方々に参加登録をいただきありがとうございます。


EASTS Hiroshimaは予定どおり、2021年9月12日から開催いたしますが、日本国内のコロナ緊急事態宣言延長等により「完全オンライン開催」に変更することとなりました。



9月12日 開会式、共通セッション(招待講演)、論文発表セッション
9月13日 共通セッション、論文発表セッション
9月14日 共通セッション、論文発表セッション、閉会式



大会実行委員長 藤原章正