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NoPaper IDArticle Title
1PP2733User opinion on Bus Priority Lane: Case study from Sri Lanka
2PP3146Exploring Cyclist’s Perception: Perspectives of Bikeway Deployment and Cycling Environment Acceptance
3PP3141Economic Cost of Traffic Congestion in Bengaluru, India
5PP3057Application of Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram under Flooding Situation to Traffic Management Measures
6PP3144Route Choice of Freight Drivers' Perception in Java Island
7PP2749Peace, Sustainability, and the Prospect of the Kra Canal’s Construction: A Multi-dimensional SWOT Analysis
8PP2771Reorganizing the Evaluation System of Transportation Accident Investigators in the TTSB
9PP2784Social Movement Revealing Opportunities for Grassroots Transport Initiatives: Reflections and an Exploratory Case Study in Hong Kong
10PP2773College Student Transit Safety in two Indonesian cities
11PP3128Strategies for Asian Airports to Develop the Southeast Asia - North America Transfer Markets
12PP3168Passenger Car Units for Different Midblock Sections Using Chandra's Method
13PP3202Understanding Potential Passengers’ Preference for Urban Air Mobility Service
14PP2819Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the Grocery shopping behavior of Individuals
15PP2753Capacity Development on Road Geohazard Risk Management in Developing Countries
16PP3187Changes in Traffic Behavior of Passengers According to COVID-19: Based on Seoul Metropolitan
17PP2730Examining Public Perceptions of Sustainable Transportation Indicators in Thimphu, Bhutan
18PP2837Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in Dhaka: Measuring Spatial Potential from Node Place Perspective
19PP3094Change in Foreigner Acceptance in Japan before and after COVID-19
20PP2829Managing Community Participation in Rural Transport Infrastructure Development in Southeastern Provinces, Vietnam
22PP2892Spatio-Temporal Trend Analysis of Chinese Tourists' Uses of Public Transport in The Past Decades
23PP2894A Preliminary Study of Chinese Heritage City using Map Street View as Method to Understand Walkability Characteristics during COVID19
24PP2963Sustainability of Transjakarta: NPS-based Performance Analysis
25PP3154Relationship between Traffic Speed and Traffic Flow Obtained from Video Footage using Deep Learning Technique
26PP3016Evaluation of Manual and Video-based Automated Classified Vehicle Counting Methods for Heterogeneous Traffic Flow
27PP3080A Comparison of Speed Data by Different Speed Detection Techniques
28PP3222Introduction of Connected and Automated Public Transport Innovation
29PP2953Vehicle Routing Problem for Relief Supplies from Multi Depots in a Disaster
30PP2765Public Transport Authority Model: International Experience and Applicability to Hai Phong City, Vietnam
31PP2969Demand based Distribution of Charging Station for Electric Vehicle
32PP3048Developing Sustainable Road Infrastructure and Transportation Toward Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 11 on Sustainable Cities
33PP2776Risk Determination for the PPPs of Road Infrastructure Development in Vietnam
34PP2826Proposal on Indicators and Methods to Assess Sustainable Development of Urban Public Transport in Vietnam
38PP2813Analysis of Access?Egress Idiosyncratic for Urban Metro Rail users in Delhi
39PP2983Impact of Accurate Information & Knowledge Sharing with Indirect Suppliers on Apparel Supply Chain Performance in Sri Lankan Context
40PP2728Traffic Management with Tolling Collection: Case Study of Ho Chi Minh-Trung Luong Expressway
41PP2993Variables and Type of Incentives Affecting Preference Towards Electric Vehicle in the Jakarta Greater Area: An Exploratory Study
42PP2915The Utilization of Big Data to Estimate Origin-Destination Matrix (Case Study: Bandar Lampung)
43PP2811Development of Jakarta LRT System Along East-West Corridor: A Case Study of LRT Jakarta Pulo Gebang-Joglo
44PP2942Preliminary Study On Travel Behaviour Of Working Parents Among Universiti Malaya: Focusing On Chauffeuring Children
45PP2970Analysis of the Weight of Factors in the Way Tourist Information is Provided at Michi-no-Eki
46PP3170Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Intercity Travel Pattern: The Preferences of Individuals on Public Transport
47PP2857A Study of Passenger Satisfaction and Improvement of Online Taxi Policies
48PP2803Study on Impact of Motorcycle Ride Hailing Service on Energy Consumption and GHG Emission in Land Transport in Malaysia
49PP3010Analytical Framework for Road Network Development Considering the Environmental Load in Drylands
50PP3189Feasibility Study on Expansion of Parcel Service based on the Korean High-speed Passenger Rail System
51PP2907Analysis of Factors Affecting E-logistics Services on Urban Management at Hochiminh City, Vietnam
52PP2954Understanding Mode Choice Decision in Urban Goods Distribution: A Study of Indian Wholesalers
53PP2913A Policy Brief Development for Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Throughout Indonesia
54PP3034MCDA Approach to Evaluate Planning & Consolidation Strategies- Case of Jaipur City India
55PP3007Smart Logistics Technology for Sustainable Supply Chain Management
57PP3043Does the Rise of Online Motorcycle Taxi Services Increase the Number of Motorcycle? Learning from Evidence in Indonesia Using Interrupted Time Series Method
58PP2838Community Detection in Wi-Fi Pedestrian Network: Implications for Post-occupancy Evaluation in Large Building Complexes
59PP2744Exploring the Influence of Built Environment on Travel Mode Choice: A Case of Colombo, Sri Lanka
60PP3074Measures for Inbound Tourism in Tourist Destinations near Tokyo: Case Study of Mt. Takao
61PP3199Material Characterization and Balanced Mix Design for Reclaimed Asphalt Mixtures
62PP3230Development of Urban Railway Service from User's Perspective
63PP2799Assessment of Railway Safety in Southeast Asia Region
64PP2809Explore Study of Behavior Intention of the Service of Artificial Intelligence Application in the Station Based on Stimulus ? Organism ? Response Theory
65PP2844Integration of Transportation Demand and Population Coverage to Design Bus Networks
66PP2797Subsidy Management as An Efficient Measure To Promote Urban Public Transport Development: A Case Study in Hai Phong City, Vietnam
67PP2898The study of electric buses and their influence in the environment in the UB city
68PP2796Minimum Width of Bicycle Exclusive Road Based on Human Factor Engineering
69PP3231Evaluating Methods of Cycle Facility: Case Study of BCI in Kumamoto City
70PP2768Analysis of Driver's Speed and Lateral Acceleration Behavior on Ramp Interchanges in India
71PP2793Comparison Analysis of Dynamic Modulus, Resilient Modulus, and Fatigue of AC-WC Mixture Using the Equivalent PG76 Modified Asphalt
72PP3130Evaluation of the Pavement Road Roughness: A Case of San Juan, La Union
73PP3112Development of Soundness Diagnosis Model for Concrete Slab Using Bridge Inspection Data
74PP3200Information Value in Pavement Management Systems with Surface Condition Information Collected by Autonomous Vehicles
75PP2775Value Creation through Joint Entrepreneurship in Developing Multi-modal Shared Mobility Systems
76PP2867Analysis of Correlation, Importance, and Performance of Pedestrian Facilities on Sudirman-Thamrin Road in Jakarta
77PP2944Traffic Signal Optimization Models Minimizing Vehicles’ Average Delay in an Isolated Signalized Intersection
78PP3018Reversible Lane Systems to Improve Traffic Flows: A Case Study of Jadibuti-Koteshwor Section, Kathmandu
79PP3181Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model Calibration for the Purpose of Surrogate Safety Assessment
80PP2763Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Travel Time Estimation on Tollway
81PP3054A Grid Analysis Method for Estimation of Lateral Placement of Vehicles
82PP2778The Effect of Heavy Vehicles Composition and Road Gradient Simultaneously on Traffic Performance
83PP3058Characterizing Start-Up Lost Times in Metro Manila, Philippines
84PP2912Real Time Estimation of Queue using RFID Sensors for Mixed Traffic Conditions
85PP2816Improving the Rural Areas Spatial Accessibility of Emergency Medical Resources
86PP2891Assessing Crash Risks of Unsignalized Intersections in the Absence of Safety-Critical Data
87PP2905Analysis of Road Traffic Safety in Mongolia
88PP2931Factors Associated with Motorized Two-Wheeler Crashes in Delhi, India: Insights from Analysis of Crash Prone Zones during 2016-2018
89PP3184Gamified E-learning Application to Improve (Motor)Cycling Knowledge & Skills of Vietnamese Adolescents
90PP3033Areas of Intervention for Enhancing the Knowledge of Safe Driving based on Trainers’ Perception: An Experience in West Bengal, India
91PP2895Factors Affecting the Severity Levels of Road Accidents in Yangon City Using Ordered Logit and Probit Model
92PP2921A Study of Determining the Speed of Vehicles in the Traffic Accident Analyses
93PP3169Modelling Runoff Risk Probability of Drivers using Vehicle Control Measures along Horizontal Curves of Two-lane Rural Highways
94PP2987Effect of Crash Risk Factors on Severity Outcome for different Road Class
95PP3190Analysis of Influencing Factors on Traffic Culture Index Using Random Forest
96PP2989Efficiency Measurement of Domestic Ports in the Philippines Using Data Envelopment Analysis
97PP3183A Pre-study on the external cost estimation of airport noise in Korea
99PP3156A Study of Maritime Security Inspection in Taiwan
100PP2814Analysis of Aircraft Excursion Risk at Table Top Runways
101PP2914Improvement of lifting Force Unmanned Aerial Vehicle