The purpose of a conference paper template is to provide a consistent format for papers appearing in the conference proceeding and journals. EASTS ISC strongly encourages the use of the conference paper template provided below. 

EASTS conference template contains guidance text for composing and formatting conference papers. Please ensure that all guidance text is removed from your conference paper before submission to the conference.

Those who want to submit a paper(s) to the conference should have an “EASTS Regular Member ID”. Any paper submitted without ID cannot be presented at the conference and will not be included in the conference proceeding and journals. If you do not have a Regular Member ID, you are required to apply for a membership to one of the domestic societies of EASTS, to which you (will) belong, before submitting the paper.

Those who have no access to any of the EASTS member societies are requested to follow the procedure shown in the following URL. EASTS membership policy can be found at the following URL:

Authors are required to follow the instructions shown below. Those papers which do not meet the following requirements may be rejected.

  1. Language: English (Either American English or British English is OK).
  2. Paper size: A4 paper (21 cm *29 cm)
  3. Margins: The margin-top is 30 mm, and other margins are 25 mm, respectively. The header is 15 mm, and the footer is 12 mm. The first paragraph for each section/sub-section should not be indented, and the subsequent paragraphs should be indented 10 mm.
  4. Spacing: Papers should be single-spaced.
  5. Font: The standard font type is Times New Roman, and the standard font size is 12. The minimal font size in Tables/Figures is 10. Intervals of characters should follow the standard of the adopted word-processing software.
  6. Maximum length: 20 pages, including figures, tables, appendices, and references.

Paper template: Your paper must follow the template that can be downloaded at Download (PDF)Download (WORD).

Following the previously mentioned paper writing instruction, authors are requested to submit a full paper as a PDF file. The requirements of submitted PDF files are “Embedding all fonts” and “Bitmapped image over 300 dpi resolution”. Do not set a password to the submitted PDF file. Never use multi-byte characters at any place in your paper, including figures and tables. For example, the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese characters should not be used. The use of such multi-byte characters may cause the file conversion problem.
The ISC may not accept papers that include any problem in files and/or characters. We recommend that authors check the file on different computers. Also, authors whose native language is not English are encouraged to have their manuscripts read by a native English-speaking colleague before submission.

Your paper(s) have to be submitted through the website ( This site is managed using the Editorial Manager conference management system. If you do not have an Editorial Manager author account, you have to sign up for an author account by following the instruction on the website before submitting your paper. If you have any problems or questions about the electronic submission process using the EditorialManager system, please feel free to contact us via email at or

NOTE: You need to submit the copyright transfer agreement form along with each paper. The form can be downloaded at Download (PDF)Download (WORD)

Click on the below button to access the Editorial Manager conference management system website.